Practical Tips For More Satisfying Oral Sex

Whether married couple, in a booming relationship, or simply wanting to have fun in bed, giving oral sex a try can be a worthwhile venture.

What Is Oral Sex?

Oral sex pertains to sexual activity wherein one partner’s genitals is stimulated by the other partner’s mouth. Stimulation can be done together with the lips, tongue, and hands. It may likewise involve sucking or licking a man’s penis or fellatio, a woman’s vagina, vulva, clitoris or cunnilingus, or the anus or anilingus.

Also called ‘going down’, ‘giving head’, or ‘blow job,’ oral pleasures is something both ladies and gents can enjoy. Oral sex can be a mind-blowing job well done for a man, and a world-rocking climaxing orgasm for a woman with these practical juicy tips:

Tips for Women

1. The element of surprise. Receiving oral sex is one of the most relaxing experiences he can have, and unforgettable too! Give him one when he least expects it but would truly be aroused by your big surprise.

2. Don’t ignore his balls. As your hand strokes his shaft, put one testicle at a time in your mouth then suck lightly.

3. Discover the meatus. The hole on the tip of a guy’s penis is quite sensitive. Stick the tip of your tongue right on it and apply a bit of pressure.

4. Use your hands. Oral sex sounds much like working your way around with your mouth, but a helping hand and some tongue-action can make it a dynamite orgasm! Stack both hands on his shaft, then twist gently in opposite directions while flicking your tongue at the tip.

5. Explore Erogenous Zones. The area between a man’s testicles and base is packed with nerves. Put a bit of extra attention and lightly suck on the patch of skin for a heavenly effect.

Tips for Men

1. Multi-task. Stimulating different areas helps a woman reach climax faster. While you play using your tongue, softly stroke her nipples with your fingers.

2 The guessing game. Keep her guessing and try different strokes in varied moments and lick unexpected spots, trying out different combinations on different days.

3. Be gentle. Take things slowly and don’t rush like a brute. Move down sensually and gently, gaining intensity and speed until you hit the spot where she arches her back and moans like crazy!

4. Try something new. If she welcomes the idea, experiment with a vibrator. Place it on her clitoral hood as you take your time using your tongue in her labia area.

5. Don’t stop. Once you feel she’s getting close to her climax, keep going and continue what you’re doing! Just think of making her feel good without ruining all the fun with sudden changes.

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